Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blake 4-13 Through 4-17th


Monday~ Kindergarten Class

Tuesday~ Count to 100, Knows 29 words, Numbers to 100 fill in blanks, Read book 'I Like Me'

Wednesday~Kindergarten Class

Thursday~Kindergarten Class

Friday~ Off

Note: He is doing well, and is really trying to sound words out. He counted by 10's to 100 today, and also is trying to count by 2's! He is struggling a little with the fill in the blanks numbers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blake 4-8-09

Practice writing letters

Practice writing numbers 1-24

Practice writing name (school)

Word Recognition

Spelling Test


He Knows


mad me

look no

A ride

. on

like bike

I have

we you

sad do

go the

to dad

pig mom



see one

happy come

little here

for are


4-6 Through 4-10 Week

We did not complete all of last weeks assignments. Austen went over to my grandmas to help and then I went to retreat Thursday and Friday.

Review Math Lessons 80-82
English PG 147....needs to redo
Science~ Read Chapter Rocks N Sediments
Devotions~ Date: 4-8
History~ Pg 4-5 (1077)
Spelling ~Write Definitions 18-35 (Lesson 11)

I corrected lessons 80-84 Math
Austen corrected missed questions Lesson 80-82

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday March 30th 2009 Week Work


Math~ Lesson 80
English~ Page 142-143
Spelling~ List 11 1-17 write wrd 3 times
Literature~ Pg 54-59
Devotion~ Pg 15
Bible~ Pg 211-212
History~ Pg 40-41

Math~ Lesson 81
English~ Pages 144-145
Spelling~ List 11 18-35 Write wrd 3 times
Literature~Pg 60-65
Devotion~ March 16th devo
Bible~ Read Proverbs 2 Write favorite verse , Memorize
History~Pg 42

Math~ Lesson 82
English~ Pages 146-147
Spelling~Write All Definitions
Literature~ Page 66-71
Devotion~ March 17th devo
Bible~ Read Proverbs 3 Write and Memorize Fav verse
History~(1077) Pg 1-2

Math~ Lesson 83
English~ Pages 148-149
Spelling Quiz/ Write missed words 5 times