Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015-2016 It is here!

Blake is now in 7th Grade
Where did time go?

Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 Goals

Wow! 3 YEARS!
Austen is in 11th grade, and Blake is in 4th grade this year!
Since I last posted so many changes in our life but we are still plugging away at homeschooling! I can't say however that it has been easy! There has been many times I have wanted to throw in the towel and put them back in public school. The Lord keeps telling me to stay the course.  Austen is in high school and the past 2 years have been somewhat unstable with moving so much. This year is going to be successful and I am looking forward to it!

My Goals
* To assist Austen in completing  his math requirements.
* Take the Homeschool Parenting  Class (September)
*Join a local homeschool group
* Test prep SAT & Compass Test at local college
*Note weekly blessing
* Chart all progress & keep records in order
*Complete Curriculum by June

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blake 4-13 Through 4-17th


Monday~ Kindergarten Class

Tuesday~ Count to 100, Knows 29 words, Numbers to 100 fill in blanks, Read book 'I Like Me'

Wednesday~Kindergarten Class

Thursday~Kindergarten Class

Friday~ Off

Note: He is doing well, and is really trying to sound words out. He counted by 10's to 100 today, and also is trying to count by 2's! He is struggling a little with the fill in the blanks numbers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blake 4-8-09

Practice writing letters

Practice writing numbers 1-24

Practice writing name (school)

Word Recognition

Spelling Test


He Knows


mad me

look no

A ride

. on

like bike

I have

we you

sad do

go the

to dad

pig mom



see one

happy come

little here

for are


4-6 Through 4-10 Week

We did not complete all of last weeks assignments. Austen went over to my grandmas to help and then I went to retreat Thursday and Friday.

Review Math Lessons 80-82
English PG 147....needs to redo
Science~ Read Chapter Rocks N Sediments
Devotions~ Date: 4-8
History~ Pg 4-5 (1077)
Spelling ~Write Definitions 18-35 (Lesson 11)

I corrected lessons 80-84 Math
Austen corrected missed questions Lesson 80-82

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday March 30th 2009 Week Work


Math~ Lesson 80
English~ Page 142-143
Spelling~ List 11 1-17 write wrd 3 times
Literature~ Pg 54-59
Devotion~ Pg 15
Bible~ Pg 211-212
History~ Pg 40-41

Math~ Lesson 81
English~ Pages 144-145
Spelling~ List 11 18-35 Write wrd 3 times
Literature~Pg 60-65
Devotion~ March 16th devo
Bible~ Read Proverbs 2 Write favorite verse , Memorize
History~Pg 42

Math~ Lesson 82
English~ Pages 146-147
Spelling~Write All Definitions
Literature~ Page 66-71
Devotion~ March 17th devo
Bible~ Read Proverbs 3 Write and Memorize Fav verse
History~(1077) Pg 1-2

Math~ Lesson 83
English~ Pages 148-149
Spelling Quiz/ Write missed words 5 times